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about the situation at Crate Marine Sales in Keswick?           


Feb 23/15 - With the recent receivership and bankruptcy proceedings underway at Crate Marine Sales in Keswick, we have been overwhelmed with questions from clients, friends and associates, wondering how this situation affects us. In the FAQ section below you will find answers to some of the most common ones. We hope you will find this information helpful and welcome you to call or email us with any additional questions, comments or concerns you might have. In the meantime, we're counting down the days to spring launch and welcome any opportunity to help you with your sales, service or parts inquiries. Thanks for reading! 


Q: Is Crate's Lake Country Boats still in business? 

A: Yes, we are very happy to say that it is business as usual at Crate's Lake Country Boats in Orillia and 2015 is off to a fantastic start!

Q: I heard that Crate's went bankrupt.  Isn't this you? 

A: No, Crate Marine Sales Limited in Keswick is the company you heard about.

Q: Aren't all of the Crate's locations part of the same parent company?

A: No, Crate's Lake Country Boats Inc. of Orillia is a completely separate business. We are not an affiliate, subsidiary or related company of Crate Marine Sales in Keswick.

Q: I'm confused, if the business names are so similar, who owns Crate's Lake Country Boats? 

A: Crate's Lake Country Boats in Orillia is independently owned and operated by Brian Crate, Jason Crate and Dan Crate.  We have been serving boaters from our Orillia locations for over 40 years!

Q: Are any other locations affected by the bankruptcy of Crate Marine Sales in Keswick?

A: Yes, Crate Marine Sales' satellite locations at Lagoon City, Port Credit and in Quebec are also affected.

Q: If Crate Marine Sales in Keswick is no longer selling boats, where can I buy a new Cruisers, Regal, Carver or Marquis? 

A: In addition to being a long-standing Regal dealer, Crate's Lake Country Boats is also proud to announce that we are now Ontario's exclusive dealer for Cruisers Yachts. If you are looking to buy a new Cruisers or Regal, we are your dealer and we're more than happy to help in any way we can. For Carver or Marquis sales, we understand that a new dealer is being set-up in Toronto.

Q: I recently bought a new boat from Crate Marine Sales in Keswick.  Do I have warranty coverage for it?

A: We are happy to work with you to confirm that your warranty has been registered and activated.  Just call or email us with the year, make, model and hull  identification number (HIN) of your boat and the serial numbers of your engines and our service team will take it from there.  Not only will we confirm warranty coverage, we will also  research your service history and let you know if any recalls, campaigns or updates are required for your engines. 

Q: I bought my new boat from Crate Marine Sales in Keswick but I boat on Lake Ontario.  Can you look after my service and warranty? 

A: Yes, Crate's Lake Country Boats and our partners at Regal, Cruisers, Volvo and Mercury are committed to helping you with whatever service and warranty support you might need, wherever your boat is.  We offer mobile service throughout the Great Lakes and beyond!

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